Featuring the only open flame smokers on the Kenai Peninsula. Specializing in the curing and smoking of fish and meat since 1993. For info not included in this list please contact us at the plant. (907) 260-3401 or (888) 732-2575.


Prices are based on incoming weight, we require a 10lb. minimum per selection. All prices include filleting and vacuum sealing in portion sized packages. Our turn around times vary depending on your selection (some items take longer than others.) and the season. You are guaranteed your own fish back. Every order is treated separately every time!

All prices are base on incoming weight.

  • Fillet and/or cut, Vac-Pac & Freeze – $2.25 lb.
  • Vac-Pac and Freeze only – $2.00 lb.
  • Vac-Pac only – $1.75 lb.

Smoked Fish

(10 lb. minimum per smoked flavor)

  • Old Style (lightly sea salted) – $7.25 lb.
  • Lemon Pepper – $7.50 lb.
  • Brown Sugar Cured – $7.50 lb.
  • Cajun – $7.50 lb.

Smoked Salmon Strips

  • Old Style(lightly sea salted) – $7.95 lb.
  • Brown Sugar – $8.25 lb.
  • Native Style Strips-$10.95 lb.

(Native style strips take up to 14 days to dry/smoke. Please allow longer turn around time for this selection.)

Specialty Items

(We require 25 lbs. skinless meat per specialty selection. Approx. 40lbs. fillets=25lbs. skinless meat.)

Shipping anywhere in the U.S.A. except Hawaii. We use UPS Second Day Air Service. Ask a customer service employee about current rates.

Custom Game Processing

At Tustumena Smokehouse we guarantee that you will receive your own meat back. Our turn around times vary depending on your selection and the season. Our prices include packaging. We use only high quality ingredients and our weight increases are lower (25% on all sausage selections.)  than other processors.

Tustumena Smokehouse reserves the right to refuse spoiled or unclean meat. Extra cleaning fees may apply. 

  • Boning Charge       $.30 lb. (Applies to bone in moose, bear, caribou and deer.)
  • Cut & wrap & freeze $1.25 lb. (Steaks, roasts, pork chops trim, etc.)

Grinding:   20 lb. minimum (Choose your percentage fat.)

  • You wrap     $1.25 lb.
  • We Wrap – 2 lb. packages    $1.99 lb.
  • Beef or pork fat     $1.99/lb.

(prices based on outgoing weight.)

  • Ham & Bacon curing & smoking     $4.25 lb.

Breakfast Sausage: (20 lb. minimum per selection. 25% increase.) 

  • Hot or mild Italian, country style or maple wrapped in 1lb. packs. $3.59 lb.

Smoked sausage & other specialty items: (20 lb. minimum,25% increase.)

  • Polish, Summer & Country style Hot Dogs        $4.25 lb.
  • Pepperoni, Teriyaki & Hunter Pepper Sticks    $6.25 lb.
  • Wild Game Bacon         $4.75 lb.
  • Add any combo. Pepper Jack, Cheddar or Jalapeno     $.75 lb.
  • Salami or Liverwurst      $5.25 lb.

Call us today: 907-260-3401

Things to consider:

Here at the smokehouse we strive to complete orders within a reasonable amount of time. At the time of your drop off we will inform you of our current turn around times based your selection and the volume of orders we are currently working on. We welcome you to call and check on your order but ask that you please allow the initial turn around time verbalized during the drop off of your meat or fish. We routinely call all done orders A.S.A.P following completion and greatly appreciate you patience.

Tustumena Smokehouse CANNOT rush orders. We are processing perishables that need to be systematically completed based on the order that they were received. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

We hope that you can pick up your order within 7 days of being notified of its completion. Tustumena Smokehouse cannot be held responsible for orders held more than 30 days and storage fees may be applied to your bill. If you need to make special arrangements with us please let us know. We are willing to work with you.

Thank you for choosing Tustumena Smokehouse!